Writing About Challenges of 30 Day Sprint – May 2018

Writing about Challenges of 30 Day Sprint – May 2018

Since May 10, I have been working on a 30 day challenge that includes writing 250 words per day. I have produced some writing and I am looking forward to producing more. However, there have been challenges with this project. As of this writing, I am 12 days in and have missed three days.

When it is going well, I do the work first thing, during a “designated writing time” like so many writers say is necessary to write a lot. The days that I have missed have been due to a lack of discipline on my part, specifically with using the scheduled time, which was initially planned for 7-8 am every day.

Trouble with sticking to things on a daily basis is something I have struggled with for a whole. Over the past several years, perhaps 3-4, I have been more actively working on improving myself . Now, at times, feeling the discipline muscles building some strength. They are not getting exercised every day but, things like this 30 sprint/challenge are helping.

During this challenge, I have experienced a little bit of thinking that I do not have anything interesting to say or having challenges with thinking my idea is “not good enough”. Yet, I have also experienced (even within the confines of the project) the power of drafting and editing. Sometimes writing, when it first comes out is messy, spelled wrong, disorganized, etc. But, it can clean up well with editing and proofing.

Remembering the the practice and discipline of the daily writing is helpful to the improvement of the quality. Additionally, the generation of content is good for juicing the related parts of the brain. Stimulating the mind and getting the content created in the real world leads to more idea generation and a better understanding of the material for me.

What are your thoughts?

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