Template – Letter of Designation and Access for Essential Personnel | GoodIvy

Below is a template that we created after researching several different formats of essential personnel letters.  We provided this to several schools and it is free for you to use, just let us know who you are! Email info@goodivy.co if you have any questions or need any assistance.  


Month DD, YYYY

SUBJECT: Company Name – Letter of Designation and Access for Essential Personnel

To Whom It May Concern:

The holder of this letter, XXX, is considered essential to the operations, safety, emergency management, and pandemic response of COMPANY. COMPANY is a WHAT ARE WE that is responsible for WHAT WE DO. COMPANY has NUMBER location(s) at ADDRESSES.

Please allow this employee entry into the above-named areas in order to assist with the essential operations of the facilities. As an authorized employee, the holder of this letter will be able to produce valid government identification and COMPANY work identification.

This letter is valid from Month DD, YYYY, through Month DD, YYYY.

Thank you for your cooperation. For validation purposes, please contact 24 HOUR CONTACT # 1 or 24 HOUR CONTACT # 2‬.






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