Educators & Pandemics: Mental Health and Fatigue

Teachers, administrators, student affairs people, and others in education have experienced new types of stress during this pandemic. One form of stress that is new to educators of all types is “Zoom fatigue” and “COVID fog.” I know I have experienced both of these a few times! 

Some other stressors that may be going unrecognized included increased workloads. Even (especially) with low enrollments, workloads are up. In my conversations with colleagues, instead of an 8-hour workday, many faculty and staff are putting in 12-15 hours of work.  

When working with everyone under the stress of this pandemic, we all should employ trauma-informed practices. Why? Because this whole experience is a series of stresses and traumas that can affect even the toughest among us.  

These days, it is more important than ever for school leadership and public officials to prioritize and mental health for the education community.  

What are your thoughts?

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