Post COVID Lockdown: Active Shooters and Threat Assessment

It’s been a while since we heard about #activeshooters in #schools. Unfortunately, as we reopen (which is good overall) there will be increases in school-based incidents. In fact, there have already been smaller-scale ones (

Are schools safe? The answer is yes. If we look at the data, we will see that shootings occur and each of these is a tragedy but #Schoolshootings are high impact and very low probability. We still must prepare. Both for response AND for #prevention.

As we restart and the trauma of COVID gets dealt with on campus, we will see an increase in #violence. There has been an increase in #mentalhealth issues like depression, etc. during the #pandemic. What are educators going to do about this?

One thing we need to do is sharpen our threat assessment skills. Have you established policy for #threatassessment teams? Is it multi-disciplinary? Are people trained?

Have you included your #counselors, coaches, and advocates for the students? We often rely too much on tactical responders. Do not forget the #studentsupport people and front-line staff who know the baseline behavior of students.

What are your thoughts?

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