School Dining Services During COVID-19

Many aspects of student life will look and feel very different during this academic year.  One very important aspect that campus and system leaders must scrutinize carefully is campus dining.  Before considering the details of how to manage the dining services, campuses need to investigate if their dining operations fall under the education guidance, health … Continue reading School Dining Services During COVID-19

Template – Letter of Designation and Access for Essential Personnel | GoodIvy

Below is a template that we created after researching several different formats of essential personnel letters.  We provided this to several schools and it is free for you to use, just let us know who you are! Email if you have any questions or need any assistance.   LOGO/LETTERHEAD # 1 Month DD, YYYY SUBJECT: … Continue reading Template – Letter of Designation and Access for Essential Personnel | GoodIvy

New Title IX Guidance Released – May 2020

The new Title IX guidance from the Department of Education is out.  The document is over 2,000 pages long!  We are taking a read and will send observations and thoughts as we get through it this week.   Guidance PDF linked here -   Summary PDF linked here -

Dear Colleague Letter to Independent Schools: Federal Aid and Legal Compliance (Title IX) – May 2020

As you are considering accessing federal financial assistance for your school, it is important to understand that accepting government money comes with several significant compliance issues including Title IX, Title VI, Section 504, and other laws. Many schools are not ready for this change in compliance requirements.

Lockdowns vs Shelter-In-Place in Schools

Recently, I have been in a few discussions where people have asked about the difference between a Lockdown and a Shelter-In-Place.  In the context of schools, both are options for protecting students, faculty, staff, and visitors during emergencies.  A Shelter-In-Place is used to keep our community members safe from danger outside of the school buildings … Continue reading Lockdowns vs Shelter-In-Place in Schools

Continuous Improvement: Okay If It’s Incremental?

Yes.  We can improve ourselves, our professional work, our families, our communities, our society, and everything in an incremental way. While taking radical and aggressive action can work well in the right circumstances, it is more effective overall to work in a consistent, disciplined, and continuous way on incremental improvements.  Improve your average, do a … Continue reading Continuous Improvement: Okay If It’s Incremental?

Safety Culture: What Is Yours?

Every organization has a culture.  One aspect of organizational culture is the safety culture. For safety in organizations, culture is more important than the hardware.  The safety culture is the set of perceptions about the hazards, vulnerabilities, and risks that exist in the workplace and community.   Preventable safety issues and emergencies in organizations are often … Continue reading Safety Culture: What Is Yours?

School Safety: Culture Over Hardware

Safety and emergency management are important areas for all schools.  There are lots of marketing efforts put into selling hardware and other solutions to education leaders. While door locking mechanisms, bullet-resistant windows, lockdown blinds, and related hard-security items can be helpful the financial, labor, organizational, political, administrative, and community cost needed for this type of … Continue reading School Safety: Culture Over Hardware

Family Safety: Codewords

What are the things that you worry about when thinking about safety?  What about with your family? With my background and interest areas, stuff that comes to mind for me includes fires, violent people, and medical emergencies. The basics of home and family safety include some things like working smoke detectors (one per floor and … Continue reading Family Safety: Codewords