Campus Safety Resources for Student Affairs

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With Hurricane Sandy and other recent events, there have been a lot of things happening in the past few weeks that relate to campus safety issues and I wanted to share one of the great resources that the Campus Safety Knowledge Community has, the campus safety resource page on the national KC’s website.

Campus Safety

You can find the website at  It really is a great resource that includes material on a lot of interesting topics, the links to the sub categories are below:

Certification Programs and Professional Development/Consulting

College and University Related Incidents

Compassion Fatigue

Emergency Management

Professional Organizations and Research Units

Recent Conference Presentations

Relevant Articles, Books, Dissertations, Indexes, Initiatives, Papers, Publications, Reports, and Videos

Specific Threats

Suicide, Traumatic Stress, Grief, and Mental Health-Related Issues

Please peruse the website and the resources on it.  Also, please let me know if there are resources that you know of that should be added and I will get that up there.

Matthew Colpitts

NASPA Region V Campus Safety Knowledge Community Representative 



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