In Defense of Multitasking…But Not That Kind.

Multitasking is fine.  Really, it is.  But not in the way you are probably thinking.  Of course, humans cannot really do two things at the same time with full attention and efficiency.

What we can do is using down beats and slow times effectively:

  • Waiting in line? Good! Time to catch up on some personal development podcasts or reading.
  • On the train or bus and have several more stops? Good! Clear out some emails, send some texts to loved ones.
  • Stuck in traffic? Good! Make a (hands-free, please!) phone call that you have not had time to make.
  • On a silly conference call that you were required to be on but do not have any contributions? Good! Update your calendar, clear out and organize the junk drawer.

Even if you are not a “list-person”, you should keep a list of things that are valuable to your work and life that take between 2-10 minutes.

What are your thoughts?

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