Hidden Curriculums

Every school, college, and university has a formal curriculum.  Perhaps they even have several, one for each program, major, etc.  The academic curriculums are (hopefully) designed intentionally, with reasons for each item included and what items are excluded.  Curriculums communicate what we value as educational institutions.

A critical part of any educational community is its culture.  How is that built and maintained?  It seems to me that there is not as often as purposeful a building of that as there is of the academic curriculums.  Why not?  When we select what to include in the schedule, where we spend resources, what behavior we allow and encourage, we are creating a curriculum. But, are we building it on purpose?

Even when we do things intentionally, there is a secondary curriculum, a hidden curriculum.  Why not evaluate it and make it explicit?  What are we valuing?  What are we teaching?

What are your thoughts?

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