Wildfires: Giving Thanks and Support

In the United States, today is Thanksgiving.  The holiday means a lot to people.  Today, I find myself thankful for service people: Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Public Works, Emergency Management, Delivery People, my building’s Doormen, and many others.  With the California Wildfires, I am especially thankful for those firefighters. Having helped fight much smaller wildfires, I can only imagine the challenges they are facing at both the line and management levels.

This time of year, people think about ways to give support to people who need it and certainly, the victims of the wildfires need it now.  To support the victims of those fires, and any disaster, donate money and not things. Clothes, food, etc. is not helpful unless a charity asks for it specifically.

Charity Navigator has listed several reliable charities that are “Highly-rated organizations providing relief and support to those affected by devastating wildfires.”  The list is available at:



What are your thoughts?

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