Typos and Doing the Work Anyway

Last week, I was reviewing a report that I wrote for a client and found a typo. Nothing critical but I had clearly made a mistake with the formatting that caused a recommendation to be misnumbered. At first, I felt embarrassed and wondered how I missed it with all of the proofreading I had done.

A few days later, I talked with the client and they commended the report as “very very good” and that they were impressed with the thoroughness of the work. We then went on to talk about my findings and to discuss what the next steps are for them.

What did I learn? That I have to proofread more carefully?… Yes. But, I also need to do the keep doing the work. Doing high quality, professional work is important but not at the expense spending all your time perfecting it.  Get the work out!

What are your thoughts?

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