Zoom and Video Meeting Tips

Below are some tips that I am learning as my school and company engage in full online work.  What are some things that you are learning during this time?

  • For appointments, include your zoom link and password in the body of the appointment so it is clickable.
  • Review the settings, there are some great features, including the ability to use the spacebar as a press-to-talk unmute button.
  • Use speaker view for when you need to focus on the person talking.  If you need to monitor a room, use the gallery view.  
  • If you step away, make a note in chat (if it is enabled), mute your mic, and stop your video.  Looking at an empty chair is not good.  
  • Get a good set of headphones and use the mute button.  
  • Don’t use it for everything.  Some communications are better as phone calls, texts, IMs, emails, etc.  

What are your thoughts?

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