Hurricane Sandy – Thoughts of Support and Well Wishes to Emergency Responders and Student Affairs People

I would like to offer thoughts of safety and well wishes to my student affairs and emergency responder colleagues who have just gone through, and are still experiencing Hurricane Sandy on the east coast.  I would also like to offer support for our colleagues and friends here in our region who may have family and friends back east.  We hope that everyone is safe.

I have no doubt that the local emergency responders and student affairs divisions at the colleges and universities back east are doing excellent work supporting their students through this storm and its aftermath.  As we all know, these professionals are some of the best equipped to guide students and communities through these sorts of events.

If anyone is looking for a way to help, one of the best ways is a donation through the American Red Cross, or another trusted disaster relief agency.  The link for the Red Cross is DO NOT SEND STUFF, SEND MONEY!  The Red Cross and other disaster relief agencies can make the best use of financial donations.

What are your thoughts?

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