The New Dean…

I recently (1 day ago!) started working as the Dean of Students for the Academy at Interlochen Center for the Arts. ICA is a small boarding school in Interlochen, Michigan for art students. This is an exciting opportunity that came through an old mentor in my professional network.

As we start with meetings and academic year preparation during the next few weeks, I am looking forward to working with my staff, other colleagues, and especially the amazingly talented students here.

This transition is a huge career advancement for me and I am looking forward to the learning. Taking on this new (and my first) senior leadership role, I know that I will learn a lot through doing things right, and (sometimes) through making mistakes.

Moving forward, I will be reengaging with social media and the blogosphere. Especially around leadership, student affairs, and emergency management.

Thanks all, let’s keep the conversation going.

2 thoughts on “The New Dean…

  1. I loved reading this entry as I believe you’re about to embark on your third academic year at Interlochen Arts Academy- how timely! Congratulations on meeting this milestone. The institution is fortunate to have you.

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