Roles and Goals in Leadership

A few years ago, I went to a training presented by Franklin Covey on productivity, called The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity.  It was a good training overall but what I got the most out of it was the “Roles and Goals” part.  Basically, the main idea with Roles and Goals is that in order to be truly productive, one must know which things are most important; and to be able to do that, you must think and write out what roles you hold in your life, your goals in those roles, and provide some context on how you will achieve them.  

In the 5 Choices training, as well as other leadership trainings that I have taken, one of the keys is to share your goals in order to give some external accountability.  So these are the roles that I identified in early July:

  • Roles
    • Dean of Students
    • Friend
    • Emergency Management and Campus Safety Expert
    • Mentor

In each of these roles, I have the following goals:

  • As a Dean of Students, I will provide an excellent experience for students at my institution through being the chief advocate and disciplinarian for the students.  I will do this by providing excellent service grounded in student and adolescent development.
  • As a friend, I will be communicative, sympathetic, and present in people’s lives by providing a trusted, constant, and enduring presence.
  • As an campus safety and emergency management expert, I will advance personal, organizational and community safety by providing response, advocacy, and education regarding emergency management and campus safety.
  • As a mentor to my staff and other new professionals, I will provide guidance and support through training, advocacy, feedback, caring and fun.

The Franklin Covey training was great and I do recommend it.  In addition to this high level stuff, they include a lot of tactical ideas on how to be more productive.  Check out their material at

As I move forward with these roles and goals, I am working on being more intentional about my leadership (of my team, my organizations, and myself).

What are you doing in these areas?  What are your roles and goals? How do you use them to advance your work?  What about your students (if you are in education)?  

Do you have suggestions for leadership training, books, podcasts, or other resources?

What are your thoughts?

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