Title IX Technical Assistance Project (T9TAP) – NASPA’s Culture of Respect

Our friends and colleagues at NASPA’s Culture of Respect, the organization’s signature initiative for addressing campus sexual violence, recently introduced the Title IX Technical Assistance Project (T9TAP), a service that provides individualized support and technical assistance in implementing the new Title IX rule. Along with robust technical assistance, T9TAP also helps colleges and universities think beyond simple compliance to more thoughtful, intentional efforts around sexual violence prevention and response through the newly-released Title IX Guide: Going Above and Beyond Compliance.

This guide provides a series of questions that: help institutions assess compliance with key aspects of the new Title IX rule; identify the source of this information in the rule; and most importantly, prompt institutions to examine key questions, considerations, and evidence-based practices that help institutions strengthen their prevention of and response to sexual violence, and create policies, programs, and procedures that help foster a culture of respect. Registering for T9TAP includes two hours of technical assistance on the new Title IX rule and its implications for your campus, one hour of additional technical assistance on a related topic, and the newly released Title IX Guide: Going Above and Beyond Compliance.


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